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Intel will soon introduce a "graphics" processor

Yes, everything goes to the fact that soon there will be a new type of processor from Intel. This processor is different from the rest - the graphics capabilities, according to the manufacturer, are built into the main chip of the CPU. This chip is Intel's response to the development of AMD, Fusion. This platform is a system that combines a processor and a video card. It is worth noting that the new processor is ready, it is not a simple concept, and will be presented next week by the executive director of Intel, Paul Otellini. The processor demonstration will be held in San Francisco, at the Intel Developer Forum. By the way, the original processor was called Sandy Bridge.

It is clear that after the news of such a novelty, analysts have become very animated - indeed, a processor with graphic capabilities will help to make devices such as laptops and netbooks even more mobile - you can completely abandon the video card (yes, of course, there are built-in solutions).

AMD is working on a similar project, which has developed a project that has already been mentioned above. True, the company is in no hurry to abandon the video cards in general, so that Intel comes pretty boldly. The developers of the latter claim that the processor with the integrated graphics system will be so powerful that it will allow to satisfy the requirements even of those users who need really productive systems. Intel analysts argue that such a solution will significantly reduce the total cost of laptops for which video cards are no longer needed.
It is worth noting that such computers and laptops will consume less energy, but their performance will be somewhat higher, because the elimination of one of the nodes of the system will speed up the transfer and processing of information.

There are skeptics who believe that the integration of the graphics system and the processor can significantly undermine the position of manufacturers - after all, video cards are still a good source of income. Interestingly, AMD representatives do not believe that Intel will really offer something cardinal, this company is rather skeptical about the processor with graphic functions.

But representatives of Nvidia claim that the video cards will not die soon, because systems like the one offered by Intel are far from being as productive as discrete graphics systems.

In general, we are waiting for a full-fledged presentation from Intel.

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