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How Avangard-DSL will lose a client tomorrow morning

I have been using the services of Avangard for a long time and even once set as an example the response speed of this provider.

Tomorrow morning they will lose a client.

Periodically, they have such a glitch: the connection is broken despite the fact that there is a DSL connection. Some time after the break of the connection, the “Internet” indicator turns red, and so it hangs.
If you pick up the phone and dial any phone number, after a few seconds the Internet appears, the indicator turns green.

That is, the Internet disappears without losing DSL-connection. Moreover, sometimes it turns out that you can pinganut any server, but you can not go to the page.

When I first contacted support, described the problem in detail and asked to check the equipment at the station, the operator decided to put everything on the “bad line”. Arguments that the “bad line” doesn’t restore itself by dialing the number didn’t take action.

As a result, I had to spend my time, and the telephone master - my own. Measured characteristics - as expected, the line is fine.

Gluck periodically repeated, but today it has exceeded the threshold of my patience. During the evening, just as I communicated with partners, this glitch was repeated countless times. Communication broke every three minutes.

Appealed in support. Immediately said that the line I already checked. He asked if there was an accident, asked to check the equipment on the PBX and their server. Instead, the operator began to convince me that the problem was on my side. Say, my firmware is outdated.

I asked the operator if he sees the version of my firmware (and I had the last one at that time). It turned out, does not see. I do not remember what exactly the operator answered to the question “then how did you determine that my firmware was outdated”?

Something like "well, there is a technical abbreviation of three letters, you can hardly understand." I prefigel a little, repeated the request. The operator said that “he has no right to disclose this information,” which surprised me a lot.

I rebooted the modem, I downloaded the firmware from the operator's site. As expected, the firmware number has not changed. Glitch has not disappeared.

I call in support, I get on another operator. I state the problem. I say that this happens periodically, but today it happens every three to five minutes. I say that the line is checked, and the modem with the latest firmware from the provider's site.

The operator said that, judging from his data, this is my modem breaking the connection, that they had some voltage spikes, there could be damage, and my modem should be carried to a service center.

Let's give due: the address and phone number of the D-Link service center was given to me.

I asked to run the setup procedure (once it helped on another modem), to which the operator replied that since I had a reflash of the modem, I could not do anything.

Even the fact that such glitches have already happened, that to restore the connection, it is required to dial the number on the handset (obviously, some signal goes to the PBX), and the operator did not bother not to reset the modem.

It didn’t bother him that exactly the same absolutely glitches on the “corrupted modem” appeared and passed by themselves for a long time.

After a couple of hours access to the Internet stopped to fail. Apparently, something rebooted on the PBX. And at the time of this writing, the glitch repeated.

I did not call for support this time. And I’m not taking a modem to the service center.

I called competitors. Tomorrow I will be connected, and for the same money I will have a speed 5 times higher. I’m not taking the modem to the SC to find out the obvious: the modem is fine, but the master will come to me and stretch the cable.


Ya.Internet. Measure your speed.

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