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openSUSE 11.3, solution to the problem of shutting down USB keyboards and mice after upgrading the kernel to

Greetings friends.

After a recent kernel update, I found that the USB mouse shuts down after ~ 2 seconds of downtime.
Googling has shown that many people have come across this, a bug report has been created and there is no official solution yet.

The Japanese colleague offered a quick "fix", which is to ban autosuspend for the desired device.
To do this, from the root to perform
echo -1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/ XXX /power/autosuspend
where “XXX” is the name of the directory inside / sys / bus / usb / devices / corresponding to the required device.
To determine, you must compare the output of lsusb with the contents of the idVendor and idProduct files in the specified directories.
For example, my mouse corresponds to the / sys / bus / usb / devices / 2-2 directory, and, accordingly, the command looks like:
echo -1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/2-2/power/autosuspend

Good luck to all.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103922/

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