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Yota air

September 8 was Yota Air. On this day, all Yota employees in each of the cities worked outside the office. We were there where we had long wanted - at home, in our favorite cafe, in the park, at the country dacha, and even on the Ferris wheel, in general - wherever you can work or just everywhere!

Our employees proved by their own example that productive work no longer necessarily needs an office - wherever you go with your laptop connected to Yota - the office moves with you. Under the cut - a photo of people who are happy with the change of atmosphere.

Denis Sverdlov and Yota HR Team complete the work day

Our financial genius is discussing a contract with Samsung on Strelka. Issue price of 30 million USD :)

Ivan, Manager of the Department of Radio Planning Network in Sadu Kurakin Dacha, near Volodarsky Bridge

Krasnodar also has Yota Air!

HR at lunchtime in #strelka :) #yotair

And this is Misha, our Data Center :) Place: Carl's Junior

In Yota, you can work absolutely anywhere.

Again the HR department, this time at work.

Colleagues from Yota Lab work at home

Sasha from the Department of Radio Planning is working at the cottage in Shatura

Workplace Alexey

You can even work in traffic

Yota lab at the beginning :)

In conclusion, I would like to wish the readers active employers who are not afraid of experiments and who neglect the severity of corporate rules in order to make the work of employees more pleasant.
Happy holidays, your Yota.

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