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“We no longer need farting applications”

Apple has released Review Guidelines for the AppStore. Here is an excerpt from the entry.

There are many children in our system who download applications, and parental control does not work if parents do not turn it on (many do not). So know that we look after the children.

The App Store has over 250,000 apps. We no longer need farting programs. If your application does not do something useful or does not provide long-term entertainment, it may not be accepted.

If your app looks like you have been churning it for a couple of days, or if you are trying to push your first training app into AppStore to stand in front of your friends, get ready for failure. We have many serious developers who do not want their high-quality programs to be surrounded by amateur nonsense.

We will refuse to publish apps whose content or behavior crosses the line. What the hell are you asking? As the US Supreme Judge said, “I will recognize him when I see him.” And it seems to us, you too will know when you cross this line.

If we deny your program, we have a Review Board with which you can appeal. If you run into the press and begin to merge us, you are unlikely to help yourself.

This is a living document, and new programs may lead to new rules. Maybe this program will be yours.

And finally, we adore our work and appreciate yours. We really try our best to create the best platform in the world so that you can show your talent and earn a living. If all this makes us look like power-hungry freaks, it is only because we are so committed to our users and want them to have only quality time with our products. We are sure that you want the same.

And although the tone is quite strict and straightforward, it seems to me that everything is said on the case. There are really too many useless programs in the AppStore and you no longer need them anymore.

Link to full PDF (in English).

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