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The real truth is hidden in the history of edits.

Historian and publisher James Bridle (James Bridle) at his own expense published the 12-volume edition of the “War in Iraq” , which is a hard copy of all edits of this article from December 2004 to November 2009: 12,000 changes and 7,000 pages of text.

History and facts in the digital age are virtual specks of dust that disappear with the wind. To destroy them is even easier than to burn all the books in the past, after which the whole civilization had no heritage left. For example, in the 16th century, the Spaniards deliberately burned all Maya documents, so that only three have survived.

How much information was stored on Geocities - all sites were destroyed in one day, despite the efforts of the Internet Archive and other Internet archivers. By the way, the Internet Archive itself has already been placed in a transport container , which also seems to be an excellent symbol of the fragility of our information field.
The current version of the article on Wikipedia is just a dry cast of the life that is in full swing in the history of edits. Here is where you can do real research on historiography. We must keep this information at all costs so that our history does not remain in the form of several scraps, but is voluminous and comprehensive.

Although, of course, if you look at the list of the most flame-generating articles on Wikipedia, the question arises: wouldn’t we be ashamed of our descendants? For example, the edit on whether mayonnaise contains lemon juice - 1984 changes. The war between Russians and Ukrainians for the correct name of the city Kiev / Kyiv - 3026 changes and so on.

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