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Structure and interpretation of computer programs

Translation of the second lecture by Gerald Sussman
"Procedures and Processes: A Wildcard Model."

These lectures were given 25 years ago to HP employees, but in fact this is the legendary introductory course 6.001, which was given at MIT in 1980. Since then, these lectures sine qua none worldwide programming. I would like every programmer to watch this course; nothing teaches abstract thinking better than SICP.
Enjoy watching the night looking.

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On Yandex video:
Link to the tracker, video of two lectures, separately saby, and to heighten enlightenment book in Russian.

UPD Small Offtopic:
The fact is that there is not a single blog on mathematics in Habré, would you be interested to read such a blog, where would be published any thread of evidence for interesting theorems or articles on mathematical logic, functional analysis, set theory and other interesting things?
I have a video lecture with a popular proof of Gödel's theorem on the incompleteness of arithmetic, very interesting, but there is no place to stick it.

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