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Beta test client Vizerra: prizes for bugs

Dear habrayuzer!
We promised news, and they were not long in coming. Today, on the day of the tester, we completed the assembly of the new Vizerra client and invite you to take part in its beta test . And so that it would not be boring for you to look for our mistakes, we combined the beta test with the competition and prizes from NVIDIA and Microsoft .

About the new client Vizerra 2.1
In this version, we completely changed the design of the client. Now we have:
- library locations where you can select and download any location
- toolbar, in which so far only two tools - flight mode and a button for the screenshot. Do not be surprised that it is so long - afterwards, there are plenty of tools to be.
- virtual guide with convenient controls.
We worked not only with the client, but also with its contents - locations. Mostly with the environment - water and sky. We have made as many as three types of water: the river, the lake and the ocean, differing in color, wave, flow. Now, near the Piazza San Marco, the real ocean splashes in the role of the Adriatic Sea, the island of Kizhi is surrounded by lake waters. The new water reflects the new realistic sky.

Screenshot from the test scene

About beta test

Our product, like any beta version, may contain bugs, and we, like any developers, want to have as few of them as possible. We involve in testing all our employees and friends. And today we invite you to test Vizerra locations.

The most vigilant and meticulous beta tester (that is, the one who finds the most bugs) will get a prize from Microsoft - an annual subscription to Visual Studio Premium Edition 2010 .

Competition "Hunting for 3D"

To look for mistakes it was not so boring, we, together with NVIDIA and Microsoft, organized the “ Hunting for 3D ” competition. Participants will go in search of 3D-objects in 3D-locations of Vizerra, which were reliably hidden by our artists. You are waiting for the virtual beauty of Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Cambodia and many other countries.

The competition runs from September 9 to October 29 in three stages. According to the results of each of them, the winner will receive one of the prizes from NVIDIA: 3D Vision glasses, GeForce GTX 460 video card or GeForce GTX 260 video card.

At the first stage, you need to upload 7 locations, find in them all the NVIDIA items shown on the contest page, take screenshots using the built-in client function and send them to us. The first person to send us screenshots of all items will receive a prize.
The first stage will last until September 27.

And do not forget to look for bugs in addition to 3D objects and vice versa: two prizes are usually better than one.
Details on the contest page . You can follow the course of the competition on our corporate blog .
Good hunting!

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