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New Google algorithm to fight spam

Google has patented the new PhraseRank algorithm, which will not only fight spam, but also automatically detect sites that do not contain useful content and are created solely for the purpose of earning.

The new patent has already been published , and according to representatives of Google, it will be able to effectively protect search results from poor quality content.

The PhraseRank algorithm will allow Google to link the main phrases that determine the meaning of the document, and, evaluating the frequency of these phrases in comparison with the reference, make conclusions about the quality of any text. It is obvious that all documents in which deviations will be detected will be marked as suspicious by the search engine and will not participate in the main search.
Apparently, PhraseRank will work simultaneously with PageRank, the first algorithm will be responsible for internal ranking factors, and the second - for external ones. If Google still decides to implement this algorithm in its search, we are waiting for a global redistribution of global search traffic.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1039/

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