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Found a way to make jailbreak iOS 4.1


A hacker who calls himself pod2g claimed to have found an exploit that will allow jailbreak iOS 4.1 and the hacker community has confirmed this statement.

The news was prepared by a11aud habrachelovek , but due to the unsuccessful post he was warned of karma and now, unfortunately, he cannot write.

Jailbreak is always a cat-and-mouse game. Hackers find new ways to break in, and Apple patches holes with every update.
As stated by the hacker on his jailbreak twitter equally well suited for the iPhone 4, iPad, as well as the iPod 4G.

From the technical details of the exploit, it is known that this time it patches the boot part of the system (the so-called boot ROM exploit) and Apple will have to release a hardware update to remove the jail.

Although they were allowed to officially do the jailbreak in the USA, it still removes the warranty from the device and is carried out at your own risk. The jail itself is still not enrolled in public, but it is already being tested by a vicious circle of people, and it seems that soon we will have at our disposal a new high-quality exploit for apple devices.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103898/

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