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CodeFest Tester Day

Today is a wonderful holiday for all of us - Testers Day. The day when you can test alcohol-containing liquids, swim in fountains, throw bugs and ride around the offices on the chairs shouting "Glory QA!"

Unfortunately, the Siberian weather conditions are rapidly canceling bathing in the fountains, but the replacement comes CodeFest, under which for the first time in Siberia there will be a section for testers.

The history of this section goes far back into the summer, when our colleagues, full of patriotism and a desire to develop the skills of bug detection, organized a QA-Sabbath, on which they firmly decided to lay the foundation of the community.
And as you know, the tester said - the tester did. On September 23, in Novosibirsk, within the framework of the coolest CodeFest IT conference, the first QA section in Siberia will be held.

The main topics will be: automated testing and aspects of the organization of the testing process.
We formulate the requirements for response time services
Andrey Kuzmichev, Yandex

Principles of software selection for the testing group
Maria Zhemchuzhnikova, Olga Ovcharova, Alawar Entertainment
Flex / Flash GUI Test Automation
Sergey Vysotsky, DataWorks
Hiring a tester without experience
Svetlana Scherbina, Jar Soft

Automation testing web services. Example of using VS2010 + TestComplete
Irina Isaenko, Kaspersky Lab HQ
Trial-and-error: how we started testing
Tatyana Emelina, Novotelecom
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The Siberian experience is special and should be treated differently. Tempered minds and characters have something to show, and the conference is an excellent opportunity to finally see colleagues from neighboring cities, talk, exchange experiences, ask urgent questions and get answers from experts, complain to each other about programmers and boast bugs.

In addition, we will return to the topic of the Siberian Testers Club, which means that everyone has the opportunity to be at its origins and to base its most incredible ideas.

Come, it will be awesome!

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