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"You have an achievement!" Or a little about the online game Lost Magic

As you may know, the guys from Blizzard, who are not ashamed to be like any development team, every April 1 delight their players with fake announcements of innovations. Last fool's day, they showed a new feature for their flagship project “World of Warcraft” called “peen-o-meter”. “Pipsekomer” (in free Russian translation) is a slightly phallic universal indicator of the player’s coolness, designed to once and for all make his online game mates understand who is in charge here.

The most interesting thing is an analogue of the stebny "peen-o-meter" 'and in WoW itself already exists for a long time, its name is the number of character's game achievements. It seems that similar systems existed in some games before, but Blizzard managed to bring the achievements to perfection. I remember, before joining any serious group, I was always interested in the achievements of future partners, while following the old wise principle: “who has less, is incapable, and who has more, he is zadrot”.

It is now achivki shove even in small crafts on flash, but you will agree - in the old days many games they really lacked. And although other achievements did appear with time, they, like any system bolted from the side, were not perfect. Needless to say, from the very beginning of work on our online game, we laid the foundation for the ability to create almost any achievements without limiting the imagination of game designers!
Then we will talk about “ambushes” that we were not ready to encounter during the development process, so if you are interested in games only from the “front” side, welcome to the link to look at the project from the inside and get a nice addition to your profile - Achivku Habrousera . Achievement will be yours immediately after completing the first quest. By the way, the practice of giving unique achievements to readers of decent network resources for us is not only a reason to lure people, but also a factor that allows players to find "their" fellow network interests.

Lost Magic was conceived as a project "in spite" to social networks and kazualkam. We wanted to make a classic, fairly “hardcore” browser RPG, not forgetting to adopt the industry’s best practices. From the very beginning of the development, the following priorities were identified: high quality of the visual component and direct participation of the whole team in the creation of the game world. With such introductory projects, the project was doomed to a fantasy setting, but we prudently left a loophole for ourselves and added a link to the modern Earth in the legend. This decision made it possible for all members of the team to create uncontrollably, without being constrained by the “elf” framework. So in the game there were zombies with chainsaws, electricity and many strange mobs. For example, huge rabbit-like monsters, created under the impression of the notorious hare of extrajudicialness. The official name of these little animals is Lukatlogi. Look at log - exactly such a message appears in the system console, if in the process of debugging a “fate” happened.

The content of the game is conditionally divided into 4 "tier" 'a (I don’t even know how it is in Russian): levels one through five take place in the "nyabatnik", then it is possible to hang out in locations for levels 6-10, and so on. In the first taeré we teach the players mechanics, give plenty of poPPPitsya, and the leitmotif of the entire zone is the fight against undead, the quest chain which naturally throws the right amount of experience and ends the first dungeon in the game.

The creation of this “instance” was for us the greatest challenge for the entire time of project development: we wanted that a part of the crypt with some skill could pass five players of the third levels, and a total sweep of the location would require a group of fighters of level 5. After the dungeon appeared on the game server, there were a lot of surprises waiting for us: the “troika” didn't want to go there, but the “fours” quickly adapted themselves to “abuz” the game mechanics and farm all the available bosses in pairs. A couple of days later, fifth levels dressed up in the same crypt appeared, which not only learned how to gut some local “solo” content, but also mastered the non-stop farm dungeons, despite the four-hour entry delay. This gave rise to several types of commodity-money relations in our game: a “locomotive” in a dungeon, trade (and rent) in “unattached” objects, and a trade in copies of dungeons, which I will now discuss in more detail.

Upon entering the dungeon, group members are assigned a unique ID and a four-hour timer is activated. But those who wish to farm quickly came up with a simple and ingenious plan: a pair of third-level players receive an ID, and about an hour before the end, the “Loka” sells his highlifting, which promptly collects trophies from poor bosses and turns out to be “clean” again. The most persistent "fives" in this way received uniforms almost entirely within 24 hours. Not to say that the first experience came out lumpy, but, of course, we will take into account a lot in the beginning work on new content!

Not without technical difficulties. Initially, it was clear to us that in exchanges with blows there should be timeouts, i.e. the player should not suffer if the opponent has the Internet falling off, or he has decided to watch the new movie from grieving, without having bothered to finish the fight. The combat module was sharpened for this, so all the work was reduced to a slight refinement (moving the user’s data to a static method) and a script controlled by supervise.

Everything was going fine until the game administrator decided to use the old record in the database for the establishment of a new monster. For timely exchanges, everything worked like a clock, but there was a hitch with the timeout ones - since the script was not restarted, I used data on drop-down items a week ago. Especially distracted players have become happy owners of various items, which fell solely for test purposes. The golden quote of the day: "I go into battle and go on to glue the wallpaper."

It was after this that the script acquired the verification of the svn-version of the code, and died in the event of a mismatch, and supervise raised it back and reported it to the control via email.

Recently, the rule of iron for us, “it is better to make difficult at first, and then simplify,” was also worth the nerves. In one of the recent updates that we conduct on average once a week, things began to wear out in combat. And although the most sensible players could easily calculate that no more than 500 battles would be needed for a complete breakdown, after this change in game locations began a massive panic and calls for illegal actions against developers. The same story came out with the reduction of the drop of “medicinal” bottles from simple mobs. Now we act with caution and try to protect the psyche of the players. By the way, the next update is scheduled to give the opportunity to repair things - there is no doubt that there will be jubilation and celebration on the streets of our virtual world!

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