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Dinosaurs vs. Cockroaches

Dinosaurs were the kings and queens of this planet. Except each other no one got in their way. They were of different shapes and sizes. Some fed on plants, others - on meat. They were complex creatures, and each of them was unique in its own way.

If you had to look at a dinosaur and create your own, then you would be able to work with a bunch of cool features. You could take the wings of pterodactyl, the horns of Triceratops, the roar of a Tyronasaurus and a number of other trash. You would simply choose the best of each species to collect your lovely creation.

It is unlikely that the creature would survive. This dinosaur is waiting for failure, like everyone else. Some designers work in the same way. They follow all the trends that other sites use, collecting them into one perfect design. If someone asked to name a creature that has lived for millions of years, which you would have recreated due to its perfection, could you accept a cockroach for consideration? Huge dinosaurs became extinct, while this petty, hideous insect continues to live. There is no fiction in it - the cockroach is the closest to eternity.

Be a designer cockroaches

Perhaps each of your work should be more like a cockroach. Not to the part that is disgusting, but to the part that can go through all the trends and changes, with the least impact on its success. Craiglist is an example of a cockroach, ESPN is a dinosaur. The cockroach was created by the hardy, besides it contains the basic idea: that no design is everlasting, but this does not mean that it must go through many changes every few months.

If, after all, you were able to create a design that can adapt to a dynamic environment through a couple of small changes, then you have found something that can avoid extinction. The design of this site is a constantly moving target, due to the change of functionality and the growth of the community. This hideous cockroach is constantly adapting to the environment, but its basic principles have remained unchanged since launch.

Many times I wanted to apply a crazy cool graphic solution, but I knew that at the slightest change, the graphics would have to be removed or edited. Much more, I fear the impossibility of making changes than trying to impart the greatest aesthetics. That's all that this site has from a cockroach.

Turn like a train

Perhaps the dinosaurs were too big and difficult for fairly rapid changes, and therefore could not avoid extinction (let's not argue about the reason for their extinction). Do you know similar sites? How fast can Yahoo adapt to changes on the Internet? Not very fast, in my opinion. All they can do is add a new field to the home page and hope that people will find it. Whereas Google just adds a new link when it sees fit.

When I played football against a big guy who, unlike me, was not so clever, I laughed at the thought that he looked like a train trying to make a quick turn. It's impossible. You do not want your site to be clumsy as a train.

I have no specifications or guidelines for creating a simple-adaptable site, but once you realize that making small, quick changes becomes too difficult, you probably are looking at an overly complex site. I do not mean changing the code hidden under the hood is a separate question, but if you need to add, delete or edit a page element, how much will this affect the design? In any case, the site design is more about the future than the present.

Looking at the Drawar navigation, I still need to add a second version and one, still unpublished, section. I can not do this, because they will move into the user section. I have to come up with a completely new navigation (again) adapted to the new sections and hope that in due time it will allow me to add more sections with the least changes.

The home page will also change due to new sections. I already have thoughts on how it will look, and this will be a radical departure from what you used to see here, and I honestly don’t know if similar solutions were applied on such sites. It’s not cool that I’m trying to make sense of it, but it’s a design that I can adapt to any future changes. This is the purest crap design.

Problem thinking

It was hard for me to come up with a topic for the article and Joshua Garity offered to talk about dinosaurs. I did not have the confidence that I would pull out this topic, since the site is dedicated to design, but I was able to draw an analogy, so thank you, for reading the mean comparisons with dinosaurs and cockroaches, you owe it.

I have to include one tidbit:
We need to pounce on the design as a cycle therapy. And our code is deft claws of justice.

PS Unlike the author of the article, no one else, but still a translator, I mean, I like these metaphors very much. And for about three months they have been sitting in my head tightly - that is why I decided to translate. {irony} And by the way, when dealing with the customer, such comparisons are very helpful in achieving a more gentle TZ.

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