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Clouds are becoming more accessible.

Good news came to us from overseas.
Amazon AWS EC2 service added support for micro configurations up to 613Mb.


Price for Linux configuration starts at $ 0.02 per hour. That with constant use will cost $ 15 per month, and this is significantly lower than that of the Small instance - $ 0.085 per hour.
I myself have been trying different OSes and settings for about a year, but so far there is no need to constantly keep and pay for my server. And in this situation, and in my case, it makes sense to start and maintain a normal dedicated server. Both 32 and 64-bit architectures are available. For me personally, Amazon is attracted by the flexibility of settings, extensibility and, of course, support from one of the most respected offices.
Read more in the documentation on Amazon .
For those who have not tried it - a good introduction is available in the appropriate habratopic .

Micro Instance alignment:

613 MB memory
Up to 2 EC2 Compute Units (for short periodic bursts)
EBS storage only
32-bit or 64-bit platform
I / O Performance: Low
API name: t1.micro

other configurations

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103890/

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