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GlacialTech Igloo 5751 - step towards compatibility

Almost three years ago, GlacialTech released the Igloo 5750 CPU cooler, which had the support of all platforms relevant at that time. However, technical progress did not stand still, and during this very long time, not one family of new processors and platforms appeared. And now, most recently, GlacialTech introduced the Igloo 5751 cooler, which is essentially an updated version of the Igloo 5750 PWM. GlacialTech Igloo 5751, in addition to the previous possibility of installing on Intel LGA 775 and AMD Socket 754/939/940, AM2, AM2 platforms, got compatibility with Intel LGA 1156/1366 and AMD AM3. In this article we will consider the question of how well this cooling system handles modern systems.

The CPU cooler GlacialTech Igloo 5751 comes in a cardboard box decorated in yellow-green tones. On the front side of the box there is an image of a cooler and an inscription informing a potential buyer about the name and multiplatform nature of the cooler.

The top of the box lists the supported LG Intel 775/1156/1366 and AMD AM2 / AM3 platforms for installation. Additionally, compatibility with Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 processors is reported. A small additional bonus is the availability of a syringe with IceTherm II thermal paste, which is also indicated by one of the inscriptions.

On the back of the box and its side walls, there is information on the technical characteristics of the Igloo 5751, the manufacturer’s contact numbers, the website address, and e-mail. This information can also be found on the official website of GlacialTech.

Inside the box is divided into two sections. The first is actually the processor cooler itself. In the second section there are fixing kits, a syringe with thermal paste and a spatula for its application. All this is packaged in a plastic bag so as not to get lost in transit.

The overall dimensions of the Igloo 5751 cooler are 100 x 135 x 130 mm, with a mass of 550 grams. The radiator is based on four 6 mm heat pipes, on which 54 aluminum plates are strung. The plates are covered with a gold-colored metal casing, on the sides of which there is a manufacturer's inscription.
The manufacturer equipped the radiator with two fans of size 92 x 92 x 25 mm. The rotational speed of the blades of the upper fan is 1400 rpm. The lower fan is equipped with a rotational speed control system using the PWM method (pulse-width modulation), whose rotational speed of the blades varies in the range of 800 (± 300) - 1800 (± 10%) rpm. According to the manufacturer, the top fan pumps up to 26.8 cubic feet of air per minute, while the noise level does not exceed 18 dB. The bottom fan pumps up to 34.4 cubic feet of air per minute with a noise level no higher than 26 dB.

Nickel-plated copper base has a size of 33 x 33 mm and is equipped with an additional radiator. The ends of the heat pipes located at the base are laid in the grooves and soldered. Traces of solder are clearly visible.

But the quality of processing the base was somewhat surprised. In contrast to the usual perfectly polished base of GlacialTech coolers, we see not only the absence of any kind of polishing, but also clear marks of the cutter. Despite this, there are no complaints about the flatness of the base surface.

The attached mounting kit includes three fasteners equipped with plastic latches for installing the cooler on Intel LGA775, LGA 1156, LGA 1366 motherboards, respectively, mounting for installing on AMD AM2 / AM3 motherboards, four screws and a key. Separately, it is worth noting that the syringe with thermal paste is now included in the delivery set. Previously, thermal grease was originally applied to the base of the cooler.

On the mounts for Intel motherboards, it is indicated which platform they are intended for, therefore it is not possible to confuse them.
The installation process does not cause much difficulty.
We fasten necessary fastenings to the radiator base.

It looks like a radiator with mounted mounts for AMD

and for Intel LGA 1156.
Next, it remains to simply snap the plastic latches onto the Intel motherboards, or use a special key or a Phillips screwdriver and fasten the four screws to the standard backplate on AMD motherboards, after removing the near frame.

Test configuration and testing methodology
Processor - Intel Core i5 750 ES (2.67 GHz, Lynnfield, rev. B1)
Motherboard - Asus Maximus III Formula (Intel P55, Intel LGA 1156, BIOS 2001)
RAM - Apacer, DDR3, 2 x 1024 MB, CL9-9-9-24, 1.5 V
Video Card - Asus GeForce 6600
Power supply - Enermax EMG500AWT (Modu87 +, 500 W)
Hard Drive - WD3202ABYS RE3
Cooling system - GlacialTech Igloo 5751.

Testing was conducted in the operating system Windows Vista SP2.
RealTemp 3.59.4 beta was used to monitor the temperature, Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100 fan speed monitoring was used, and Riva Tuner 2.24c was used to graphically display the monitoring. The load was created using the Linpack - LinX 0.6.4 graphical shell for 15 minutes using all the available memory. The Intel Core i5 750 processor was overclocked to 3,600 MHz at a supply voltage of 1.325 V. The rotation speed of the blades of the bottom fan was 1900 rpm. Testing was performed on a horizontal open stand. The temperature in the room at the time of testing was 22-23 degrees Celsius.

Test results
According to the test results, it can be seen that the GlacialTech Igloo 5751 processor cooler is able to ensure the operation of modern processors in a fairly acceptable temperature mode, even in the overclocked state.

The maximum temperature of the hottest core was 79 degrees Celsius. Of course, this cooler can not be attributed to the applicant for the palm of leadership among the air cooling systems. Yes, and the company GlacialTech tries to produce cooling systems with good efficiency, not high noise levels and at a very modest price. With a recommended cooler price of $ 25-30 and compatibility with all modern platforms, I think Igloo 5751 will find its buyer.


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