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“A lone developer wants to meet.” cofounder.ru: dating service for startups

Suppose you are unlucky, you do not study in a normal university, you do not have familiar investors, and most of your friends are too busy playing a fun farm. And you have a project idea, you are a good developer and you want to find a partner or even build a team. You can go to free-lance.ru, where you will find many excellent professionals who are ready to solve any of your tasks, but ... of course for the money. Few ordinary freelancers will agree to work for a share in the business, for free, without any guarantee of success. Among the general list, you will have to search for a long time or create an ad and wait for someone to find you yourself.

What will you do? Everyone knows the word networking: you communicate on thematic forums, write on Habrahabr, start a blog, come to meetings, conferences, meet new people, your social circle expands and with it increases the opportunity to choose. The more connections you have with people from your area, the better. For example, in the States, conferences are held for startups, a ticket for which can cost from $ 2000 and above, although the value of the content is not particularly high. What is valuable there is the opportunity to meet someone. Petya introduces you to Vasya, Vasya from Fedya, and you create a company with Fedya once. Well, or just drink beer on Fridays - it's as lucky.

Here I will take courage and make the statement that, compared to the realm of ordinary romantic dating, we still solve these problems as in the Stone Age. The process of finding and selecting business partners is rather random, as people used to wander through parks, libraries, and clubs in the hope of meeting the other half. Now if you look at such services as mamba.ru, then the process of dating there is automated just on an industrial scale. A huge number of questionnaires, sorting by interests, the opportunity to get an idea about a person before talking to him. If you don’t look at all your 10 years of Java / PHP / Perl experience, then with a minimum of effort you can always arrange a date for yourself on a Saturday night.

Why not look for the same model as the basis for finding business partners? Let's say, instead of me: the girl / boyfriend you choose: I’m a developer, I’m looking for a developer (or an investor, or a designer, or a manager) from Russia (any other place) and see a list of people matching the parameters. You can see their profile, experience and start correspondence. After seeing a few examples in the English-language Internet (I did not find normal examples, although there is a similar one), I decided to try to make such a service for RuNet.
So, I invite to cofounder.ru

Who is this service for? It is suitable for anyone interested in creating start-ups from scratch and who would like to find partners. While the following professions are represented:

What of the functional is now:

In the plans:

But, of course, first you need the first users and your feedback. Therefore, I invite you to test and criticism. I hope you enjoy the idea, and finish the implementation slowly.

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