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September 8 - Literacy Day

Few people know, but really, September 8th is International Literacy Day. Of course, lately there have been many changes in our “great and mighty”, but still, the rules are the rules. Many of us occasionally write incorrectly. And this is most likely not due to the fact that they did not study well at school, but because the language is forgotten. After all, with the entrance of the Internet into our life language was redrawn. On the Internet, you can write with errors, in every possible way to reduce and modify words. But, in business correspondence, journalism is unacceptable. We are very worried about the future and want the Russian language to remain at the level and people do not forget it.

And even though the holiday itself is coming to an end, it is always possible, and even necessary, to pass the test. It is interesting to find out how literate we are.
The most elementary test - Pass
But there are very few questions, therefore, we have found you a few more tests.
Russian language test for officials
Test of knowledge of the Russian language "Chernomyrdin"
Unified State Exam in Russian

And if you know not only Russian, then you can test yourself here:
English test
German test
French test
Japanese Test

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