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Cri-Cri electric plane made a successful flight


Today it became known that an electric aircraft, that is, an aircraft with electric motors that replaced fuel engines, made a successful flight. The project itself is a joint development of such companies as EADS Innovation Works, Aero Composites Saintonge, Green Cri-Cri. In honor of the latter, this small airplane was named. Tests were conducted near Paris.

The aircraft is equipped with four engines, which are quite reliable, and allow you to perform all the complex stunts that are capable of fuel-powered aircraft. Aircraft testers reported that its flight proceeded very smoothly from the very beginning to the end. Unfortunately, the first flight of the aircraft lasted only seven minutes, it took so many testers to evaluate the performance of all the systems of the new type of aircraft. True, this time the pilot did not perform any stunts - because the plane is different from everything the pilots flew so far, so you must first complete a whole course of self-study. The plane was piloted by experienced pilot Didier Estein, who reported everything that happened during the flights.
The developers of Cri-Cri are aware of the fact that in the near future, electric motors are unlikely to be able to oust or at least serve as a partial replacement for fuel engines. Nevertheless, the first groundwork is, and you can continue to work.

The developers from scratch developed this electric aircraft, because it was necessary to change the hull material for it, it was necessary to create engines of a special design, plus reliable propellers. As a result, the material was found - as usual, they were very lightweight composites.

The duration of the flight of the aircraft varies depending on the speed - if you fly at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour, the charge will last for 30 minutes. If you fly at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, the battery will last only 15 minutes. The developers understand that this is quite a bit, and they have been working on hybrid airplanes for a long time, which will be able to hold out for as long as necessary, with less fuel losses than conventional aircraft.

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