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Racios.com app development

The iPhone application for Racios (http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/i_am_advertising/90750/) is being developed by one of the respected users of Habra, I will not name it, because He realized more than 70% of the work, for reasons unknown to me, he disappeared and does not communicate ...
For an iPhone project, you need an app like air! Starting out in search of a new developer, when almost all the work is done, is extremely disappointing ...

They will ask me - “what is the goal of the post?” There are two of them: I hope that my developer, with whom the agreement was concluded, will appear and we will write off a 3-week pause for a misunderstanding. And perhaps, someone something sensible will advise how to act in this situation, or will be interested in and help bring to the mind the started development.

The project is interesting and many users are waiting for the iphone application.
API - racios.com/api/
Ready to consider any suggestions. In any case, do not judge much, but I don’t see yet another option how to publish this post.

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