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Abuzes are different, abuses are important ...

Every hoster from time to time faced with complaints.
But today a representative of a very solid Russian Internet organization.
(or a person posing himself for it ... because in one letter there was one company in the signature, in the other letter two companies already appeared) sent us a nice little letter ...

I will not quote it completely, the first part is of no interest (they require you to close the site on which the game bots for games ..).
But the second - just a masterpiece of creative thought and thinking at the level of the early twentieth century ...
The site also except for bots for games posted footnotes on porn sites.
And also in the friends of this site, our president and prime minister. Do not be lazy and go to him.

Not lazy, I went. In the section “Friends of the site” I see a teaser block of advertising 3 * 3.
In advertisements, pictures and texts of various kinds: from the sale of some teapots to ordering sex at home. For the sake of interest, the number of footnotes on porn sites changed from another PC, but our president and prime minister EXTREMELY did not appear.
And then - it's just a political scandal! All are “friends of the president and the prime minister of the country” ... they are all criminals! And what else could be the logic of this paragraph?

If you do not close this site, we will be forced to send information to the FSB with a request to close this site and bring to criminal responsibility both the site owners and hosters who have passed them a place, as individuals who insult not only the Heads of our State, but the State itself. Russian Federation.
Closing the site by third parties in my opinion, if its owners do not want to do it can only be done by the court voluntarily.
No one else can do this .
The hoster who arbitrarily closes the websites of clients, in my opinion, is digging a hole under itself.

And so, bringing a hoster who has surrendered a place to a person who offends the “State of the Russian Federation” to criminal liability is a fantastic job.
With the same success it is necessary, for example, to imprison all the product dealers.
( “And why are they, such as Khadi, selling bread to people who sell drugs ?? ...” )

To be honest, our lawyer, after reading such a claim, rubbed his hands happily and said something like this: "Let him do it and preferably quickly. I don’t have enough money for a new car. For insulting my reputation and trying to force anyone to act or inaction regarding business activities I think we can invoice the bill in proportion to our annual turnover. And I am sure that SUCH claim will be won. Where is the written appeal? ... "
We are a law-abiding organization and comply with the norms of law and law ...
If our clients violate someone's rights, we will definitely tell them about it.
But it is not our task to keep track of what software and to whom copyrights belong .
There are documents we understand, there are no documents (e-mail as it is not known is ..) - we calmly continue to work on our servers further ...

A masterpiece letter was sent in response to our request to send documents confirming the rights to the "claim software" ...

Gentlemen - copyright advocates, maybe start working in a normal, civilized way?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103822/

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