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Plans for the autumn update

This idea came after using q & a. Since corporate blogs on Habré, this is actually 100% advertising (or even worse - a line of press releases), it would be nice to attach q & a to them. Only they will be addressed to this particular company. The same system is used on banki.ru , many banks have an official representative there who answers user questions. Of course, it will work only when the company itself wants to conduct such a q & a and appoints a representative. But it will be at least some feedback from the company. While I watch something similar in each post from Opera software . Well, you see, a post about one thing is comments about something else, q & a just suggests itself!

And yet, back to the topic of ignoring blogs. Enter this feature at least for users with great karma, +100 for example. There are not so many of them that would load the server very much and the authors of good content (and +100 usually do not receive anything like that) will be satisfied. Plus, there will be another incentive to write good material on Habr, which would earn +100 and enable this opportunity.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103820/

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