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Debian-based Linux Mint released

A version of the popular Mint distribution based on Debian testing was released yesterday. All previous releases of Mint were based on Ubuntu, but the release on the basis of Debian differs favorably from them in speed and in what is a " rolling release ", i.e. constantly-updated distribution.
The disadvantages may be Debin’s less focus on desktops, respectively, less user friendliness than the Ubunt-based distribution kit.
While only the 32-bit version has been released, the issue of 64-bit release is still open.
As DE, Gnome is used, so that the external distribution is as close as possible to the main Mint branch.

Details about the release (eng.) Can be read here .
Download here (DVD image weighs 875MB).


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103819/

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