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Two weeks before Application Developer Days


Grid reports of the Application Developer Days 2010 conference! There will still be some minor moves, there are still unoccupied slots - for them we still select the most interesting reports, but the common core has already been fixed:

23 September

TimeSection ASection BSection C
Half past eightRegistration, morning tea-coffee
9:30Conference opening
10:30Dmitry Hanetsky
IBM Rational Jazz
Olga Kochkina
What's going on in the labor market in IT
The subject is specified
11:30Konstantin Kichinsky
Prototyping Applications with Expression Blend + SketchFlow
Elena Sagalaeva
Artificial intelligence in games
Round table:
Version Control Systems
12:30Andrey Aksenov
How to stop writing
Ilya Kantor
Convenient cross-domain authentication
Sergey Pugachev
Advanced Silverlight Application Development
14:15Dmitry Zavalishin
Java Development Practice
Maxim Lapshin
Video hosting development on Erlang
Round table:
15:15Jacob Sirotkin
How to become a hero
Vitaly Filippov
Intranet 2.0: FeedOnFeeds, Wikilogs, etc.
Alexey Alekseev, Nikolay Grebnev
Prevention of programmer errors using static code analysis and domain model.
4:00 pmCoffee break
Boris Tarelkin (flip chart report)
External extension of the Java application logging subsystem
4:30 pmDmitry Zavalishin
Phantom OS
Oleg Aksenov
Adaptive Architecture
The subject is specified
5:30 pmNikolay Macievsky
Open Source Licenses
The subject is specified

September 24

TimeSection ASection BSection C
Half past eightRegistration, morning tea-coffee
9:30Oleg Tsarev, Kirill Korinsky
Comparative analysis of data warehouses
Andrey Karpov
Aging coding standards and static code analysis
Nikita Frolov
How to start developing for the iPhone
10:30Andrey Bibichev
On the verge of augmented reality
Denis the Smooth
Silverlight / WPF: return from MVVM to MVP pattern
11:30Dmitry Andreev
Visual Studio Lab Management
Dmitry Lobasev
Project Management System DEVPROM
Andrey Bibichev
Round table: Java vs C #
12:30Vladimir Klimontovich
Apache hadoop
Andrey Mayorov
Convenience of hierarchical data structures
Andrey Bibichev
Master Class Domain-Driven Design
14:15Evgeny Kirpichev
Multithreaded programming
Elena Sagalaeva
C ++ 0x
Andrey Bibichev
Domain-Driven Design Workshop (cont.)
15:15Andrey Aksenov
3D graphics on three fingers
Mikhail Chernomordikov
Development for Windows Phone 7
4:00 pmCoffee break
4:30 pmMaxim Tsepkov
Accounting machine
Maxim High
Using certificates for web applications
Andrey Bibichev
Domain-Driven Design Workshop (cont.)
5:30 pmAnton Ovchinnikov
Money and internal developer clock
Sergey Polazhenko
Application security audit according to the TRIKE 1.0 methodology
18:30Contests, raffle, conference closing
There has not been such a busy programmer two-day conference yet. You might think that the reports are chosen haphazardly, so different technologies they cover. Each of us can find there two or three familiar topics. But this is the main idea of ​​the ADD 2010 conference - to get out of the routine and look around.

We are programmers, and our job is to solve assigned tasks using languages ​​and technologies invented by someone and then chosen by someone to solve these very tasks. Are these the best languages ​​and technologies? Is not a fact. But it’s hardly possible for anyone to search the Internet and arrange a good check.
“Back to work! This software won't code itself, you know! ”©

In any case, this check takes almost infinite time.

At the conference, you will see and hear people (real experts!) Who solve other problems every day using other languages ​​and other technologies. They will tell you in detail about their experience, after which you can catch them on the sidelines and talk for at least an hour. It is very possible that their stories will guide you to new thoughts, and you will figure out how to solve your problems faster and easier.

Separately, I would like to mention Andrei Bibichev ’s four-hour master class in designing application architecture using Domain-Driven Design methodology. Andrew brought together his long-term practice of developing complex systems and rich experience in design training. The result was an atomic thing, useful to any programmer developing application systems. At the same time, Andrei speaks perfectly, it is just pleasant to listen to him.

Friends, there are two weeks left before the conference. This is quite enough to win laziness and go, but especially there is no time to think. Register , we are waiting for you!

PS We are often asked: "Why the woodpecker?". There are many interpretations, I am ready to personally reveal the history of the issue at the conference. :) But understanding came after talking with various masters of the “Indian style” (I program from here to dinner; the sooner we finish digging here, the faster we will go digging elsewhere). A bit angry, but true:
The programmer is not a woodpecker, knocking on the keyboard. Woodpeckers exist, and we can not change it. We can only not be woodpeckers. So we will not!

Update: Friends, this program is not the final one yet. You give feedback, and we move the reports in the network, so that everyone is comfortable. So the current program should always look at the site.

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