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LeaderTask - management of employees, projects and the company as a whole


I hasten to introduce you to our LeaderTask project - a networked multi-user organizer that serves for teamwork of employees, control of instructions, project and contact management, viewing a shared calendar, as well as working with e-mail.

The video will tell you about the product in detail:

The system allows you to distribute tasks among employees, set deadlines, monitor work progress and monitor results. Here you can also view employee calendars, create employee shared access to contacts, files, documents. Employees can exchange messages, discuss tasks, send and receive e-mail.

For convenience, there is also a version for Windows Mobile that can synchronize with a big brother. LeaderTask can work via the Internet / local network, and also work offline if there is no access to the network.

The program will be useful for managing projects in a distributed team, for maintaining a customer base, a history of customer relationships, and centralized storage of corporate information.

I would be glad to hear the opinion of the Habr community about our product.

Download the full 45-day version here: http://www.leadertask.com/download/ltcompany.zip

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103806/

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