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Do not make your program for Android free for 1 day

One of the developers under Android complains that he has fallen into a hopeless situation. He successfully sold his program for $ 2.99, until on September 6, 2010, he decided to hold a promotion and make the program free. Everything turned out fine, except for one thing - he could not bring the price tag back.

As it turned out, Android Market simply does not support the translation of a free application to the category of paid ones. What once was free will remain so forever, as stated in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement , paragraph 3.3. The only option is to re-submit as a new application.

In general, the functional weakness of the Android Market has long caused discontent among developers. What is at least the inability to get a direct URL to the program in the store. How can you promote sales and conduct marketing on the Web, if not even links?


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103805/

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