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Facebook Office: Report from RMA-Silicon Trip

So, the RMA delegation infiltrated the holy of holies Social Media of the world - the Facebook office. Of course, it was not easy to arrange such an excursion, but the sea of ​​positive and exclusive information that we learned was worth it.

We arrived in Palo Alto, went through the necessary registration procedures and entered the huge Facebook office. Before us there were few visitors from Russia, and so the mass visit of the Russians took place for the first time.
The first thing that catches your eye is a positive attitude in the office. There is simply no place for dull gray everyday life, when cartoons of top managers are hung on the walls, and the inscriptions “Ninjas wanted” are printed on the employees' T-shirts with reference to the recruitment page.

The ethnic composition of the developers is very different - Facebook attracts the best developers from around the World. Separately, it should be noted that Facebook has a Russian diaspora of developers and managers. By the way, the director of international development, Angela Zahe, also speaks a little Russian, since she studied him in college.

On Facebook, everything is done to create absolutely perfect conditions for comfortable work: huge monitors, free lunches in a chic dining room (with steaks and delicacies!), Lots of snacks, ice cream, chocolate, coffee. The number of supporters of Apple and PC platforms is approximately equal on each side.

Facebook employees are young, cheerful, love their company and move around the office on special skateboards. The main office has many themed lounges - a room for playing Guita Hero, a room with a drum set, a lounge - with dim lights and soft music, tennis, billiards and much more. There is also its own "Wall of Tsoi" - a place where everyone writes their impressions of Facebook. Many go around the office on skateboards. Everyone is smiling :)

Facebook representatives told us about the pace of network development, but in order not to turn this post into a “sheet” we give only the most significant figures:
- now there are 500 million active users on the social network and 150 million of them use the mobile version;
- on average, the user has about 130 friends;
- 50% of users visit Facebook daily;
- the user spends every day here on average 6 hours 43 minutes, which is 5 (!) Times higher than the indicators of other social networks.

Director of International Development Angela Zaeh spoke about the realities of the Russian market. The growth rate of Facebook in Russia, according to her, is 2 times higher than expectations. For us, this is a reason for pride! In Russia, Facebook does not plan to conduct aggressive advertising campaigns - the main focus will be on promoting the service by the users themselves. Finally, Angela said that on Facebook they know about the Vkontakte project and consider it an exceptionally interesting and original service.

Alexander Moskalyuk, who is engaged in mobile FB, said that a significant segment of social network users is on mobile systems, which is why Facebook is so actively involved in creating applications for various platforms, maximally opening the API to developers and working directly with phone manufacturers.

A social network of this scale is an excellent tool for generating traffic. For example, attendance at the IMDB film portal has increased by 100% through Facebook. The main means to achieve this effect was the integration of third-party sites on Facebook by correctly using the “Like” button (buttons with photos have 2-3 times more CTR) and adding objects from the site to the FB (for example, Mercedes, where everyone can collect their virtual Mercedes, importing details from the site).

Facebook's credo is employee openness and collaboration with users on improvements. According to the staff, one of the main sources of new ideas is bug reports from users who are processed and analyzed.

In general, I must say that the Facebook office itself is a kind of optimism charging, which charges both employees and guests with positive energy. Thank you Facebook!

PS Facebook is not allowed to shoot, so there are few photos.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103800/

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