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Project Life after the First Startup Weekend

Yesterday, September 7, Glavstart held a closed session-review of projects that began working with experts on the past Startup Weekend. The result was impressive.

The Syntacto project continues to work with Dmitry Altukhov on the basis of equity participation in the project (5%). At the moment, the guys are working on technological implementation, gaining functionality, preparing a prototype and solving legal issues. Within a month, the project will be ready to consider proposals for angel investments.
The Fifteen project , the idea of ​​which was born during the brainstorming at Startup Weekend, was renamed Geomme, developed documentation, prepares a prototype for Windows mobile platforms, writes a business plan and decides on the amount of necessary investments. The project mentor is Sergey Biryukov , therefore the preemptive investment right belongs to TVX holding. According to Biryukov, over time, from a simple game for a mobile project can turn into a whole platform. By the end of September, the project will be ready to introduce itself to investors and consider all market offers.

The same story - with the project "Razrisuy Mir" , who signed the mentoring agreement with Askar Tuganbaev .

The project “Slonimukha” signed a mentoring agreement with Sergey Martynov. Together they continue to work on restarting the project.

I was pleased with the clear positioning on the MLM market and the great progress in the development of the basic prototype of the Stairy project, which came to the Weekend with a raw idea and a desire to work. Now the guys collaborates with mentor Natalia Chanysheva , the share that the guys have agreed with the expert has not been disclosed. The guys already have an agreement with the first customers who are ready to try their services in action. Now the project is an offer to investors at the seed stage.

The Combild project also signed a mentoring agreement with Natalia Chanysheva, finalized the alpha version and agreed with the first clients. In addition, in accordance with the investment agreement signed with IQ-One, signed on the "Weekend", the project began to develop a package of documents necessary for investment, and is negotiating a partnership with the company.

Projects DataLite and PowerCrowd , which signed investment agreements with Arkady Moreynis , also continue to communicate tightly, and in the very near future promised to report on the news (in agreements on intentions, the decision period was October, so there was very little to wait).

The practical benefits of the first "weekend" - is obvious.

We are waiting for the second Startup Weekend of the same active, creative and hardworking people with their ideas, teams and prototypes.

Register , come, choose an expert to your liking, grow, develop and find money for your projects!

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