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RaiffeisenBank - 0%

image Recently, QIWI Wallet announced new features: payment for goods and services with a registered bank card.

The commission for all cards was 3%. Announcing the service, we said:

Will the commission be reduced or absent altogether? Yes, the process is already underway. Soon we will try to please you with the first news!
And here are the first results: now the owners of RaiffeisenBank cards can make payments without commission .

The process of registration of the card is reduced to the provision of data indicated on the card, as well as the owner’s confirmation In this case, you can register on the site or in the iPhone application not one, but several cards at once and choose which one to pay for and when. Payment by card is available on the QIWI Wallet website or in mobile phone applications.

After registering your card, you can use it to pay for the services you need:

The offer is valid for credit and debit cards VISA (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, VISA Electron, which has the code CVV2) and MasterCard (MasterCard Mass, Masterard Gold, Masterard Platinum) of Russian banks.

More information about the conditions and procedure for registration of the card can be found on the official website .


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103792/

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