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Electronic diaries system as a web service

Less than two months from the anniversary of the system of electronic diaries, as prepared a new release, now a different plan.
Previously, those wishing to use my system got a lot of problems: setting up a server (or hosting) and timely updating the system. Now everything has become much easier and ( drumming ) free. This was made possible thanks to the excellent company DipHost , which donated free hosting to the system. You can apply for the use of the service through a special form on the website.

Now the system has the necessary minimum: grading, working with schedules, SMS notifications and a bonus in the form of account synchronization on Google App Engine. I always welcome suggestions for additional functionality.

Soon, a lot of new things will be added to the system: a student testing system, separation of student and parent interfaces, a school library, a catalog of school media resources (discs, films), a message system. Also, widgets will be implemented that can be used on websites (such as schools, classes, academic associations, and so on) as well as integration with Google Calendar.
Society will never thank you, but it will still be great if you can help the development of the system by joining not only the companies of IKA GROUP and DipHost or the kind person who donated 200 rubles to the system, but also the developers. And yes, the system still needs a cool logo.

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