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Meetings of startupers and investors in Voronezh and Krasnoyarsk

Hi, Habrastaraper!

Often, in the process of working on your project, the question arises - “What's next?”. How to "go out into the world", to cross the border of the garage. This problem is especially acute in regions where there are not enough events for startups and everyone “stews in its own juice”. But good projects are born not only in Moscow. And we want investors to know about them (including Yandex and Head Hunter). And there was a place where you could get feedback from experts and other startups. So you can make useful contacts. In general, all that is necessary for a successful start. Let's make the startup market all-Russian together.
Before the summer, we had meetings in 7 cities and are now opening the new season. The first meetings in Voronezh ( Register! ) And Krasnoyarsk ( Register! ).


On September 16, the first Point will be held in the city of Voronezh as part of the All-Russian Internet Marathon.
Those who came to the meeting will take part in speed networking (quick dating), which as practice shows is very useful for an entrepreneur. Then there will be presentations of projects in the elevator pitch format (two-minute presentations).
If you want to speak and present your project, send a request by September 14th . All projects, after being added to the database, receive a free examination until the end of September (for this you need to write to the expertise at at startuppoint.ru). More information and registration for the meeting .


On October 9, Point will take place in the conference hall of the Siberian International Exhibition Center.
We have long wanted to “open” this region and learn about local startups. Therefore, if you are from the Krasnoyarsk Territory, we are waiting for you at the event! Until October 1, we accept applications for the presentation .
You can find out more information and register for the event on the meeting page .

Let me remind you that all regional events are free.

If you want to hold Point in your city, please contact us .
Join our official Vkontakte group - vkontakte.ru/club8413827 .

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