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Sad experience of payment through QIWI

I apologize for the snot, but I want to warn others of similar experiences. I have been using terminals for a long time to replenish my mobile balance, pay for access to the Internet, pay for hosting, etc. One of the frequent payments is Yandex.Money. The post concerns actually intermediaries in payment, rather than paid services.

Urgently, as usual, it was necessary to replenish the account in Yakoshelka. Cards in my area are either dray for the price, or there are none at all ... no choice, go to the terminal to pay the bill. This misunderstanding happened at 20 pm, the day before yesterday, on September 6th. The promised commission was supposed to be 3% of the amount of the payment, and the time of receipt of the payment - up to 24 hours ... no matter how! But everything is in order.

He began to worry exactly in a day. I called the support service and was disappointed to learn that technical problems and money would be credited to the terminal after checking by the support service, which should contact me on the mobile phone indicated in the check (it is entered when paying through the terminal, along with the Yakoshelka number). The waiting time is 1-2 days. But they assured that the money has not gone anywhere, everything will be fine.

It was embarrassing that they had all the payment data, they were able to check the check ... what then were the problems with the terminal? I call today, September 8, to clarify. After listening to the story, I am being transferred to the support service. The story is almost identical text go to the handset operator. I am recommended to register on the site of the terminal operator, QIWI itself, in order to create my QIWI wallet, on which my money already lies. Do not be deceived, the money is really there. Only the commission for withdrawing money to Yakoshelok is embarrassing - 5%, against the promised - 3%. And I myself need to calculate the amount of payment - 4761 p. 91 cop. - to get with interest exactly 5000 p.
Well, okay, the money sent, I wait. I update the page with reports where you can trace the payment - the system asks for a password. I enter my login and password - an error, I repeat - an error ... and so time 5. The password came in SMS after registration, there can be no error, the caps are turned off, the layout is correct. I call in support, I tell everything from the beginning to the operator, then to the support operator. As a result, the answer is one - "You do not correctly enter your username or password, try to recover the password." I tried to explain that I am not a ram - it did not work out. Still trying the password recovery procedure, the system nicely informed that I had already requested the password today ... it will not work.

Then I decided to call at least someone from the authorities - it did not work out, only you can send a letter to the support ... During the last conversation, it turned out that it would take another 2 to 24 hours to wait for payment ... mdja ...

Money is still on the road, and so wanted to quickly. I made a simple conclusion for myself - I’ll buy Yadeg cards (I’m happy without cheating), I’ll not pay any more to pay from Yakoshelka without interest.

UPD: Payment came, but again incomprehensible - 4,714 rubles. 29 kopecks instead of the promised 4761 rubles. 91 cop. How strange it all is.

UPD: “Attention: when replenishing an account through the terminals and the QIWI payment system, as well as through terminals and OSMP dealers, the Yandex.Money system charges an additional fee of 1%.” There is not a word about this in the terminal.

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