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HP offers EVA owners a special upgrade program.

HP StorageWorks Enteprise Virtual Array (EVA) midrange modular disk arrays are well known in our IT industry. Produced since 2001 (the first generation of EVA was released under the Compaq brand, and Digital Equipment Corporation began its development), these arrays implement powerful functionality of disk space virtualization and ensuring the continuous availability of data for business-critical applications.

Many owners of disk arrays after purchase face the problem of lack of free storage capacity, because due to budget constraints, most often the array is purchased in a configuration that roughly corresponds to the current volume of accumulated application data. To help these customers cope with the problem of continuous data growth and maximize the value of their storage investment, HP has developed an EVA trade-in or upgrade upgrade program that offers EVA owners special prices to purchase additional Fiber Channel hard drives. , special software or to replace obsolete arrays with the latest generation systems.

This includes, among other things, new 400 GB and 600 GB low-power drives, FATA terabyte hard drives (they combine the mechanics of SATA drives with a Fiber Channel interface), as well as SSDs, which significantly increase the speed of access to data. It is worth noting that, compared to the hard drives that were equipped with EVA two years ago, new hard drives reduce the cost of storing one terabyte of data and reduce the overall power consumption and heat dissipation of the array, so this upgrade will be doubly beneficial for EVA owners.

The possibilities of upgrading a disk array using the EVA trade-in or upgrade program are not limited to disks. For EVA, HP has developed several additional software packages that improve data storage efficiency and availability. For example, the Business Copy EVA and HP Continuous Access EVA packages provide local and remote replication of the data stored on the EVA, respectively, and the Dynamic Capacity Managment software increases or decreases the size of the logical volume depending on the changes in application requirements.
This software is offered to EVA customers as options purchased for a fee, so many of the arrays already in use have not installed it - someone because of the owners of the EVA array did not purchase it, because its applications did not need such powerful software before, and others were not able to buy this software due to the lack of funds allocated for IT. Now these EVA owners can purchase Business Copy, Continuous Access and Dynamic Capacity management through the EVA trade-in or upgrade program. Therefore, if the HP client has implemented new applications that require high availability and flexible management of the size of the logical volume, then it is offered the opportunity to obtain software implementing these functions with a significant discount compared to the price list price. In addition, HP offers services to install and configure Business Copy and Continuous Access.

The second part of the EVA trade-in or upgrade program is designed for owners of disk arrays of the previous two generations of the array. By modern standards, their controllers are too slow processors, so they do not support the functionality of the current generation. It does not make sense to upgrade these arrays, so HP offers its customers to replace their old systems with third-generation EVA. The owner of the old EVA is enough to sign a statement about the decommissioning of this array, and then he will be able to purchase a new EVA array at a special price.

HP does not dismantle and remove the old system and does not put any time limit on when the old EVA should be stopped, so its owner can transfer the data stored on it to the new array when it is convenient. In addition, HP's service division is ready to help carry out such data migration so that this process is transparent for business-critical applications of the customer, and these services are provided at a significant discount, and in some cases even free of charge.

Details of the EVA trade-in or upgrade program can be found at: hp.ru/promo/EVATradeInOrUpgrade .

In future posts, we will talk about the MSA Evolution upgrade program for HP StorageWorks MSA2000 owners.

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