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Programming: The Cheating Industry

Somehow a couple of months ago, on one good online resource with intellectual music and movies, they posted links to the film “Psychiatry: The Industry of Death / Psychiatry: Industry to Deaths” created with the participation of the Church of Scientology. I was frankly surprised by the emergence of such terrible anti-scientific propaganda and I began to resent, but during the discussion in the comments, I was surprised to find that most local intellectuals (including moderators) considered the film “very interesting” and “more useful”. And even more, such films as “The Great Mystery of Water”, “Mold”, “The Secret” - they also found their intellectual viewers there. And here I thought: Should there be some kind of limit of human credulity and denseness?

And what if you specifically make a film of the same plan, but with exposure? It’s a shock to start, to say “the whole terrible truth”, to slowly bring it to the point of absurdity and already in the credits, the entire film crew will directly confess to cheating and laugh at the credulous, eh? Yes, and to make such a film is simple - there is only an interview and video editing. The first and only topic that came to mind was programming and software development. And the film itself can be called “Programming: the industry of deception”! (Of course, I would very much like to call “Computers eat people” or “Sorting arrays causes brain psoriasis,” but not enough facts. There are even fewer than one.)

The intellectual majority, as you yourself know, can barely cope with computers at the user level, and about programming it has a very illusive idea. If you tell them a convincing story about programming based on facts known to them (even to the detriment of logic), then they will believe in it.

Right from the threshold of the film, you can say that all programming is a complete deception and swindle. Yes Yes! There is no programming at all! Computers already know everything and they don’t need any programs to work. And programmers only draw windows, arrange pictures and buttons. And they pretend that the whole program is their product. After all, it is immediately clear to anyone that this cannot be - because computer programs work in machine codes, and programmers demonstrate some kind of unconvincing text code. And how to them you will not approach - the code is open on the screen in the same place as last time. Yes, it's just a slider for the eyes!
And programmers earn money by introducing errors into programs, and then eliminating them for money. New versions! New versions! Pay! Pay! They take advantage of the fact that people in their programs do not understand and are sitting, cutting money for emptiness! [here is an interview with famous people about the number of errors in the programs] Yes, they conspired! As well as oil companies, world government and manufacturers of diapers! So let's see which companies in the world earn the most, and what will we see? In the first places, companies that sell software products, that is, sell AIR, or not, the air is something tangible, and even tangible people do not sell anything! Cheating! Cheating! [interview on software sales volumes]

And the programmers themselves have seen? Well this is a sect! They catch the young guys on their interest in computers and zombies! See how the programmer works at the computer - he is in a trance and completely cut off from the outside world! He sees nothing, hears nothing, the pupils are dilated. How do they talk to each other? What kind of language is that at all, some cipher ?! [pieces of various programmer dialogues including game slang]

And all this means one thing, that in reality the world is controlled by people who invented computers and programming. And the farther, the more they take control. All computers, all systems. Look, in any place where there are computers, there are system administrators who sit locked in their rooms and secretly do not know what. It is known for certain that their main occupation is the control over programmers. They actually work as secret wardens. [interview with sysadmins about how they monitor users] The system keeps track of everyone!

But still, in the ranks of programmers and system administrators, not all people have become zombies at all. They have an internal movement Open Source, which translated from English means "Open the Truth." Members of this movement are demanding that corporations and their secret leadership reveal to people the whole truth about programs. But alas, they are very few and they are the same people who want to get money. [interview with Stallman or someone else]

And this system has already seized the whole world! Do you think that the computer systems of banks, stock exchanges, mail, radio, TV channels, water parks and video rental work on their own? Ha! No matter how! All-all under the hood! Army too. Government too. The UN and international organizations too. All controlled by people from computer corporations. [story about stock exchanges and their systems. as well as about voting systems] These people can change any information in the world as they please. All that you know about the world is WRONG. All information is controlled! All skillfully srezessirovanny. A-A-A-A-A !!!

And after the first credits, the whole team who worked on the film is giggling. Or rather not. The voiceover says: “Now meet the brave ones who were not afraid to make this film for you. The truth revealed by them is so serious that it is quite possible for them to live for a very short time .. ”And the whole crew with harsh faces. Two to three minutes in suspense. And then all neigh. And it says that the whole movie is funny.

I naively believe that after seeing such a film, many viewers will reconsider their attitude towards the noodles from the films The Great Secret of Water and the like. Especially IT people. The truth is that a girlfriend who sells 1C solutions, opposed the film (although the idea itself caused delight) and said that her clients are fully capable of believing in such nonsense, which will immediately affect sales and her salary. Now I'm thinking, so I decided to share this idea with you. What do you think?

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