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ScrumTrek & AgileRussia, Season Opening - Jam Session with David Hassman 09/20/2010

agile russia September 20 will be the next meeting of AgileRussia. It will be held in an experimental Jam Session format and our guest this time will be David Hassman (consultant on process organization and product management, DevJam ). Knowledge of English is needed.

What it is?

What is the Jam Session? As David himself says, this is the Fight Club of the software development world. The first rule of the Club is not to tell anyone about ... well, you know. In general, each new member should share their opinions or experiences with others. In this case, it is desirable that the participant was not an expert. Well, and most importantly - communication on a given topic with other participants.

Usually it is quite difficult for us to decide on the topic for the next meeting. We recruit a list, we vote, but some topics are constantly beyond our attention. The Jam Session format will allow to discuss five or six topics in one meeting. And we are waiting for them from you! All you need is to prepare a mini-report for 15-20 minutes about what you would like to share with others or what you would like to discuss. Send mini-presentations by mail .
Place and date: September 20, 19:00, the center of Moscow, the office of the company "Custom InformSystems."

Participation conditions: free of charge; limited number of seats.
Link for registration and geolocation

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