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Google Scribe - Your Personal Scribe

Google launched another new service that offers you words as you type - Google Scribe . While the service is being tested only in English, therefore, it is possible to evaluate the word-matching algorithm only in the language of Shakespeare. For example, starting the phrase "This works sur" , the service immediately suggests "This works surprisingly well" , which was originally intended. Instead of typing another 14 characters, simply press "1" or press Enter to select the first option.

“Google Scribe is a service for completing offers. Using information that you have already typed in a document, Google Scribe provides a selection of the most probable, appropriate words or phrases. In addition to reducing the amount of typed text, Google Scribe also offers the correct spelling of words and the most commonly used phrases, ”explains Google.

Also interesting is the ability to bookmark a new service for further convenient use in other services that require entering large amounts of text: Gmail, Blogger, Google Docs, and more. To do this, at the bottom of the page, simply drag the Bookmark link to the bookmarks bar in case you are using Chrome.

In view of the fact that for this service, the accumulated data from ordinary web pages are used, there are cases when the proposed options may be, to put it mildly, completely inadequate. If you do not like the proposed options, you can use the "on demand" mode (Ctrl + Shift + J) and then you will only see the sentences when you press Tab.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103758/

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