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On the knowledge gained on the run

When I studied at the first higher education, I was always amazed at why teachers had a whole day allotted as “methodical”.
It would seem, well, what the whole day in the library to do? What you need to prepare for the lesson - between the lessons during the windows I started to shake and that's it. The benefit is all in the textbooks, just rewrite and prepare for the report.

My bewilderment continued, and then, exactly until I began to periodically speak on my own, train employees, develop directions. The first time, too, in my own testament, read in fragments. In the evening after work, in the subway, during breaks at work.
However, I once freed myself from work one whole day, especially for reading the accumulated literature.
And in an hour of reading (35 pages of text) I threw 17 development points in a notebook.

And then I understood)
Still, in the subway, snatches. relaxing after work you can read only fiction. Rather, you can any, but when you read something professional, it is difficult to concentrate. It is especially difficult to fix the necessary things, and the ideas that come to mind. it would seem, so what? Well, write down later, when there will be an opportunity! Here are just ideas have an interesting property. They, like dreams, are fleeting, overwritten, no matter how cool they are. Perhaps they could be remembered by reading the book again. But who would think of doing this?
PS: Although it is better to read this way than nothing at all.

Wielkopolska Vyacheslav
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