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NASA has created a new robot, RoboThespian

While it is planned to launch an astronaut created by NASA into orbit, the specialists of this organization have completed work on another robot, which they called RoboThespian. True, this robot will not help astronauts or perform any complex work. Its peculiarity in the materials from which RoboThespian is made is that the usual NASA robots are made of pretty expensive materials. But this robot is built from components that can be easily found either on the radio market or in computer stores. In addition, its propulsion system is not servos and others like them, but a pneumatic propulsion system operating on compressed air.

Such a “musculoskeletal system” can work almost silently, which is unattainable for servo-driven robots. Currently, this robot can already be admired at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. At present, it is planned to open the robot to visitors, so that it performs all sorts of tricks. Developers can continue to teach him to conduct the most real tours of the center.

Interestingly, there is no information about the cost of creating a robot, however, the computational capabilities of the robot are based on the Intel Atom processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, a 32-gigabyte SSD-drive, plus a separate 800-megahertz ARM mobile processors. It should be noted that the extremities of the robot and its head with the body are controlled by 5 additional processors. RoboThespian software is built on Gentoo Linux and additional open-source software.
Interestingly, the robot weighs only 33 kilograms with an increase in 165 centimeters - a fairly lightweight robot turned out to agree. Interestingly, they were developing our robotic friend from Florida for three years, and the work on projects just now ended. In November, the robot will delight visitors, as mentioned above. By the way, in the same year the software of the robot will be placed, in open access in the Network.

In case of success, the represented robot companies that took part in the development of this human assistant, are going to start producing it en masse, launching it for sale.

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