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Google will launch a music store


Not in the sense that musical instruments will be sold in this store, but in the sense that an original online music store will be created. According to Google Vice President Andy Rubin, you can first listen to the song, and then, if you like everything, then buy this song by downloading to your computer. Let me remind you that recently Google launched a service on YouTube, where you can watch about 400 films released before 1995. In addition, it was announced about the intention to launch an online cinema, where any film that recently appeared on the cinema screens could be viewed for a certain fee (about 5 cu). Now, as we see, Google is going to “take under the wing” and music.

The working title of the project, as you can already guess, is Google Music, and this music store from the “corporation of good” is a direct competitor to iTunes from Apple. True, the "sharpened" this service will be on devices running Android OS. Andy Rubin claims that the project is designed to extend the functionality of the application system of the mentioned operating system and another operating system, Google ChromeOS. Now the company is actively negotiating with copyright holders, which for the most part are record companies.
Despite the fact that negotiations are underway, so far no agreement has been concluded, and there are no signed contracts yet. True, knowing the ability of Google to negotiate, there is no doubt that even in this case, obstacles to the way of the corporation, if they arise, it’s definitely not because of the refusal of the right holders.

Developers from Google started creating their own store because now for the Android platform there is simply nothing like it - and mobile device users either download music from their home PCs, or buy it from third-party online stores. It is clear that the company is not satisfied with this situation. All the music posted in the store will be either available for listening or downloading - these are the models used to monetize the Google Music service.

So, this service should appear before the end of November of this year - so that the owners of Android devices, and just admirers of Google and its services, can be satisfied. It is hoped that prices in the store will not be too high, so that you can buy anything you like.

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