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New contest AI bots from Google

Google AI Challenge is back! On September 10, a new competition starts, in which bots will compete in a game called Planet Wars.

Planet Wars is based on the popular strategy game Galcon , which is known to many owners of iPhone and Android phones.

The player begins with one or three home planets and sends ships to conquer neighboring planets. The number on each planet corresponds to the number of ships that are required to conquer it. Number on the home planet indicates the number of ships on the base. Each planet produces ships at a rate proportional to its size.

You can train in Galcon against real opponents in the flash version .

Although the Planet Wars project was launched under the Google logo, it is being led by volunteers from the Scientific Computer Club of the University of Waterloo. There are no prizes yet, but Google is “thinking about it.”

Now bots can be written in four languages: C ++, Java, Python, and C #. But Google says it will add four more languages ​​that were popular during the last contest: Haskell, Ruby, Common Lisp and Perl.

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