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Client Selection: Most Popular Information Sources

Having a large number of information providers for our databases, we decided to find out whose publications and publications most of all interest our customers.
We analyzed the statistics of users in 5 groups:

These groups include most of our clients. For the analysis, statistics was collected for the year, from July 2009 to July 2010, more than 1 million hits to our database were analyzed, and information was collected at the request of 80 ISI clients. Now you can also imagine the sources of information in which language and which Russian business information providers are used in their working activities by the Russian representative offices of companies such as IBM, McKinsey, RaiffeisenBank, etc.


Among our subscribers are metropolitan universities, the diagram below shows the geography of information sources that our users turn to.

The geography of materials pleases with its heterogeneity, which in principle is very logical, given the specificity of users of this group.

The most popular source is a database section with profiles of Russian companies (about 300 thousand companies). It should be noted that a large part, - “Other sources” consists of sources, the share of each of which does not amount to 0.20%.


The geography of appeals of banking companies is poorer, it is limited only to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

For banks, the most interesting are the materials of large news agencies and publications of other banks. Interestingly, the degree of diversification by sources is noticeably less than that of users from educational institutions - only 41%.

IT and telecommunications companies

Among our clients there are companies from this sphere as well, although there are not so many of them, as we would like!) Nevertheless, their number and weight of each in their niche allowed us to collect full-fledged statistics. Mostly Russian sources are popular, the share of foreign sources is negligible.

Once again I will make a reservation that only Russian sources of business information are presented on histograms. In the future, we plan to collect statistics on foreign sources and foreign clients, because the Russian part of the ISI base is only about 1/20 of the total amount of the base available to our clients.

This is the only group of users where the source exceeded in attendance the generalized mass of heterogeneous, non-essential sources. The IT and telecommunication companies in our database are primarily interested in a database of company profiles. Also, users of this group often turned to the “Who is who in Russia” section. This is a base for key figures in the Russian business world.

Investment companies

Among investment companies, Russian publications are the most popular, much less often materials from Kazakhstan and Ukraine fall into the focus of interest.

This group is also characterized by disunity in the choice of sources. The leading position in the community of complaints is taken by Kommersant's materials.

Consulting companies

Consulting companies communicate to the sources of many countries (over 30), but the share of calls to countries with the exception of Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia is scanty (about 0.10-0.20% per country of the total number of calls).

For this circle of users, information on companies is no less interesting than materials of leading news agencies.

You have read this article and the question “Why do I need these statistics?” Remained unanswered?

Answer: If you belong to one of the above groups and you urgently need information relevant to your professional needs, then now you know where you can find it with less time, and possibly even more financial costs.

All, without exception, the above groups use news agencies as a significant source of information. And many of them publish some of the materials in the public domain. Here it is - saving time, and possibly money for paid materials.

Also, on our site you can fill out an application for trial (free) access to our database.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103740/

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