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Django Dash 2010 Results

On August 31, the results of the international programming competition Django Dash were summed up.

The aim of the competition was to create a web application 48 hours in a team of 3 people. The competition was attended by 51 teams from all parts of the world.

1 place Great Big Crane from West meets West

Great big crane
Great Big Crane is an application server for Django and Python projects. That is, it is placed on the server and in a couple of clicks it deploys a new web application to you. Deploying all projects on the server can now be conveniently managed from a single interface.

Personally, I was really looking forward to such a service, it’s a pity that only buildout is supported. We use pip.

Tapz by Tripple Label

Tapz is a web monitoring service for Django projects. Collects error messages (Exceptions) and slow-running view .


After installing Tapz on your service, you will be able to observe the number and dynamics of these two indicators in your project.

Many developers forget that a fully developed service can be checked only in real conditions, where there is no debugger and no access to the source code. Tapz helps a lot.

The rest of the projects in the top in general services for programmers, you can get acquainted with them yourself.

And I would like to highlight the service ranked last 14 prize. It is very beautiful and created for ordinary people :)

Meet HashFeedr

HashFeed is an online service for broadcasting tweets with a specific hashtag to a projector. Analogue of the Russian-language service Twijector . Useful for IT conferences, cafes or just an office. The implementation of this project is a mixture of fashionable techologies Django, Twisted, Redis, HTML5, Twitter streaming API.

What about Russia?

Of the Russian teams , only our e-Legion team participated .

Service Voices in my head ranked 21st . This is largely due to the complex external dependencies of the Video streamer service, VLC audio streamer, the man in the headphones.

But what can not but rejoice, the quality of our code is estimated at 7.5 out of 9 possible points. Russian Django programmers are not much inferior to the best American teams!

During the competition, we conducted an online broadcast of our efforts, here is a 16 minute cutting:

We are going to participate next year. Do not want to join?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103736/

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