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The work of the programmer in the DPRK

North Korea has discovered another way to get such a valuable currency for the country: software development. Local programmers work for Nosotek Joint Venture Company . The first IT joint venture between a western firm and the DPRK selects among the elite mathematicians of the DPRK and teaches them programming from scratch. Nosotek is the only company in Pyongyang that provides employees with Internet access.

As stated on the site, the training program includes a full set of programming languages: from assembler to C #, as well as the Linux kernel, Visual Basic macros.

The teams of DPRK programmers are doing serious projects in the field of e-commerce and specialized web applications for Western customers (see the Nosotek price list ), and also create computer games for mobile phones.

For example, one of the games is called Big Lebowski Bowling , and the main character is Jeffrey, nicknamed “Dude,” from the film “Big Lebowski,” the other game Men in Black: Alien Assault was made in the plot of the movie “People in Black”. The publisher was German Ojom (now Fox Mobile is a division of News Corp.).
Despite the economic embargo, outsourcing in the DPRK does not contradict UN sanctions, although experts fear that after gaining the skills, North Korean programmers may do something more dangerous.

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