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PocketBook participation in the IFA Berlin Photo and Video Report

Hello to all!
Our guys returned from the IFA exhibition, in which we participated. The exhibition was held from the 3rd to the 8th of September.
On the first day of the exhibition, September 3rd, PocketBook held a press conference for European journalists, at which they presented five new reader models. Speakers included Yulia Shikalova, CEO of PocketBook, Maxim Prudeus, Director of Sales, Jaroslav Bondarenko, PocketBook USA, Anatoly Lusher, PocketBook Europe.

The software installed on the new PocketBook models has fundamentally new features and options:
- 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth
- Digitizer touchscreen
- Text-to-speech
- Active content (ie, the reader can make a note that will be displayed immediately in the content of the book, it can be read directly in the content, without switching to the bookmark in the book)
- The system of widgets on the working space of the reader (allows you to create a working space yourself).

Attention under the cat a lot of photo and video traffic.

1) "Bread and salt" ...

2) PocketBook 903

3) Presentation

4) Photohunting

5) A small demonstration

6) Works

7) A little more stand

8) Communication with the press

A little video from the exhibition:

Sincerely yours, Klyuchnik.

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