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Expansion of free space for files in SynchroNet to 3GB

Our company decided to change the current state of affairs, and to make the file storage service on our online service synchronet.ru more attractive for users. Here is a brief description of the service:

- Free (up to 3Gb)
- Without advertising
- Group work with files (read / write for groups and friends / colleagues in the system)
- Direct public file links
- Sharing on unregistered users by email
- Clients to synchronize files on computers and mobile phones (beta)
- There is no speed limit on downloading files

I draw your attention that the portal operates in the "beta" version. We very much hope for your constructive criticism, as a result of which we will correct these shortcomings if they are found.
Information about SynchroNet, which was published by us earlier:

1. Introduction to the service
2. New features
3. Some kitchen syncing files

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103724/

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