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To help fullscreen lovers

All netbooks are good, but the screen resolution does not allow you to fully enjoy surfing. Of course with the advent of chromium it became easier, but you always want more. But by default, chrome is completely unsuitable for working in fullscreen, switching to tabs ctrl + tab | ctrl + shift + tab doesn’t bring joy if there are more than 5 tabs and there is no address entry line.
That is why I decided to finally take and write this plugin.

Link for those who are interested


The plugin works only when switching to fullscreen-mode. The rest of the time, it hides and does not give out in any way.
The shortcut keys ctrl + tab | ctrl + shift + tab cannot be intercepted :( I had to invent my own ctrl + arrows
You can hold ctrl and go to the desired tab by clicking on it.
The combination of ctrl + t cannot be intercepted either, just as it is impossible to make the plugin work on the “New tab”, “History”, “Downloads”, “Extension management” pages on this page the plugin does not work ...
The address bar appears if you move the mouse to the top of the screen or if you press F6


I think whether to make suggest for the address bar?
As always, constructive criticism is welcome. ;-)
UPD After installing the plugin is very desirable to restart the browser or refresh the page. ZY On the page of the plugin itself will not work ...
UPD2 I collected a lot of edits / hotelok / bugs in the next version I will consider most of the wishes :)

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