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New Yandex.Server - let's rank?

Today, a new Yandex.Server has been released - a product for organizing a search on a site or in a corporate network using the technology of Yandex large search.
In the new version, we paid special attention to the quality of the search, adding new features to manage the ranking.

Now you can move the found documents to the first or last position of issue, specifying requests and a link to the document that must be made first or last. Why do you need it? Corporate websites, for example, can put a page with his biography in the first place, on behalf of an employee’s name. And online stores can, on request with the mention of the goods as the first page indicate the card of this product.

In the new version of Yandex.Server, reference ranking is implemented, which takes into account references to the document when calculating its relevance. In addition, the list of supported documents has been expanded: MS Office 2007, Open Office and PDF files version 1.7.
Download Yandex.Server , find more and more accurately.

Maria Lipatova and the Yandex.Server team

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