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Microsoft's catalyst for success

Almost 2 years ago, in November 2008, Microsoft launched the BizSpark program. A program that helps startups by giving them access to Microsoft software when they need it most and least can afford it, that is, at the very beginning of the journey. Nothing is required to enter the program - it is enough to be a software developer or have a newly formed company, the development of programs for which is the basis of the business.

Much time has passed since then, hundreds of companies participated in the BizSpark program, and most of them learned about the program through Softline , Microsoft’s BizSpark partner.
For almost two years, start-ups regularly got access to licensed Microsoft products and ... inspired by the program, began to intensively develop? Or, having received the desired software, quietly went into the shadows?

What happens to the developers after they receive by mail the coveted key to downloading Microsoft licensed products under the Microsoft BizSpark program, we decided to find out.
So, in short, Dmitry Fedorchenko, director of MagnumSoft Ltd, project leader PLACE.BY and a direct participant in the events, tells about the history of MagnumSoft, which began practically from scratch and the Microsoft BizSpark program.

The beginning of the way
We joined the BizSpark program in 2009, when we did not yet have a clear strategy for developing the company on the market, didn’t even have an idea where to start and in what area to develop. We had only bright minds, a good and high-quality education in IT, as well as a great desire to do something qualitative and useful for our country. By the way, they found out about the BizSpark program quite by chance, viewing news on the Internet. Got hooked, read the information, went to the Microsoft conference in Minsk, devoted to the program and decided that BizSpark is our chance.

Having joined Bizspark, we immediately began internal software development using Microsoft technologies. By the way, after the expiration of 3 years - the term for which the software is given, we plan to buy these licenses, since At the moment, our software product uses all the server capacities of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

For our own development, we chose the most advanced tools and selected a qualified team. For more than a year, we have created the PLACE.BY software product — a system for booking and selling electronic tickets in the form of bar codes for any events in Belarus, using Microsoft .NET technology. Then, our company based on PLACE.BY (our software product), together with the leading Belarusian Internet portal TUT.BY, launched the BILET.TUT.BY project, which, with the support of TUT.BY, PLACE.BY and government agencies (the Ministry of Culture and the Minsk City Executive Committee) enters the position N1 in the market of electronic tickets in Belarus.

Future plans
Now we are striving to take a leading position in the e-ticketing market in Belarus, and then ... (until we reveal all the cards, but we have goals.) One thing to say - Microsoft Bizspark has played a leading role in the choice of development technologies. So, if it were not for this program, perhaps we would have another PHP project, and now we have a high-tech product based on modern development technologies. For development, you should always look for something new, and for us, Bizspark has become just that new catalyst.

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