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How to become a SaaS provider?

Recently, a lot of SaaS projects have been launched, most of them being done in the service mode from the manufacturer itself. The rest of the service (especially hosters) companies would also be happy to use other people's SaaS systems, but usually well-developed commercial developments are not available to them, and open-source options are not suitable for several reasons.

I want to talk about an easy and economical way for hosting companies to become an independent SaaS provider.

Competition among hosters has long led to a situation where almost all of their services have become low-margin. As a result, they have to actively look for solutions in the form of launching more profitable services or play on the wave of virtualization and cloud systems.

In my opinion, with virtualization at hosters everything is more or less clear (mass cutting cheap and cut down on VPS resources), the clouds are mostly clean hype (expensive and difficult, especially for the corporate sector), but with the launch of high-margin services it can really fire.
It remains only to find good services that can be painless, secure and easy to use in your work. Moreover, it is important as much as possible to take off the tech-support and transfer it to the company of the system developer. This requirement looks completely amazing, but it is realizable.

Our company has released a special free TeamWox SaaS Agent, which is a control panel for launching and managing multiple SaaS versions of the TeamWox groupware system .

TeamWox SaaS Agent List

Its peculiarity is that it allows you to put a lot of SaaS copies of the system on one server without having to allocate separate VPS hosting for each.

This is a very economical solution for SaaS service providers. It is enough to have one dedicated server with Windows 2003/2008 / Vista / 7, 1 static IP address, 1 wildcard SSL certificate (for example, * .tmxsaas.com) and an automatically managed DNS server (for example, Simple DNS Plus).

Installing an agent is very simple - download , install and connect under the default account. The agent will automatically download the necessary updates, including the TeamWox system installer (35 Mb). After a simple setup of IP address, SSL certificate and DNS, you can proceed to launch SaaS copies.

Establishing a new TeamWox copy in the SaaS version takes a maximum of 2 minutes, taking into account filling out the license registration form. Moreover, all licenses of up to 10 users are issued absolutely free for an unlimited period, and trial versions for an unlimited number of users are issued for a period of 2 months.

TeamWox SaaS Agent

SaaS provider may not suffer from doubts, but simply start the service with 10 free user licenses and two-month trials to understand whether the service will go or not. If you do, then you can easily become a partner of our company MetaQuotes Software Corp., get access to marketing materials and full technical support from experts.

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