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Show HTML5 features on Google.com homepage

Today, 09/07/2010, on Google’s birthday, right on the main page of google.com , when viewed using Firefox, Safari or Chrome, you can see HTML5 in action.
The “Google” logo consists of multi-colored balls that fly apart when you hover the cursor.
In IE8, the effect works, but all the balls are the same size, which does not look so beautiful.

A video demonstrating the effect (thanks to the Defite user ):

PS It also works on google.com . Perhaps not shown to all users.

PPS How correctly pointed out ryuzaki_spb and Ogra , from HTML5 there is only doctype =)
Balls are a bunch of absolutely positioned divs with the border-radius property.

3 PS And you can also shake the browser window! ( thanks to the habra- user larikov !)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103704/

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