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Service u.nu closed

We regret that we were forced to stop supporting the project to reduce u.nu links.

From the very beginning, it was used by attackers, spammers, and other bad people. Despite significant efforts, the intruders continued their merciless game. In the end, hundreds of thousands of addresses that violate the conditions of service were blocked, and many of them are still available. We spent a lot of time manually checking all the links that were reduced, given that the site earned very little (about 10 USD from advertising), of course it is not enough to support the project.

The last straw for closing was the fact that on September 3, 2010, without warning, our hosting provider disconnected our servers due to reports of links to child pornography.
Shutting down the server causes us serious problems, and, frankly, the level and nature of the reason for the shutdown completely demoralizes us. When choosing to spend money and time on a new home for a project or to drop everything, the latter won.

We apologize to the legitimate users of the service. I hope that you will find another service to reduce your links that meets your needs.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103700/

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